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    City or Township Depew, NY
    Postal Code 14043, NY
    Neighborhood Neighborhood, Depew, NY
    School District School District, County, NY
    Listing Service Area Area, NY
    Address 123 Main St, Depew, NY
    Street Main St, Depew, NY
    Listing ID #123456
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    • 320 Summit Street LOCKPORT, NY 320 Summit Street, LOCKPORT, NY Commercial | Business Services for sale. $84,900 
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    • 5506 Forest Hill Road LOCKPORT, NY 5506 Forest Hill Road, LOCKPORT, NY Single Family for sale. $219,900 
    • 4286 Shimerville Road Clarence, NY 4286 Shimerville Road, Clarence, NY Single Family for sale. $164,900 
    • 2347 Lake Road Porter, NY 2347 Lake Road, Porter, NY Single Family for sale. $229,000 
    • 9323 Ridge Road Hartland, NY 9323 Ridge Road, Hartland, NY Farm/Ranch | Agricultural for sale. $32,000 
    • 101 Millicent Avenue Buffalo, NY 101 Millicent Avenue, Buffalo, NY Single Family for sale. $64,900 
    • 4514 Wilson Burt Road Wilson, NY 4514 Wilson Burt Road, Wilson, NY Single Family for sale. $240,000 
    • 5424 Pinecrest Drive LOCKPORT, NY 5424 Pinecrest Drive, LOCKPORT, NY Lot/Land | Building Lot for sale. $39,000 
    • 120 S Transit Street LOCKPORT, NY 120 S Transit Street, LOCKPORT, NY Single Family for sale. $109,000 
    • 8127 Emerson Place Royalton, NY 8127 Emerson Place, Royalton, NY Mobile Home for sale. $94,900 
    • 35 Niagara Street LOCKPORT, NY 35 Niagara Street, LOCKPORT, NY Single Family for sale. $44,900 
  • Why I Fell in LOVE with Real Estate

    We can’t help who we fall in love with, and even more frustratingly, who falls in love with us. It’s simply one of life’s mysteries. And we might not know exactly why we fell in love with real estate, but we probably have our suspicions. Here are six reasons why I fell in love with real estate:

    1.The people

    You have to enjoy working with people in order to be a successful real estate agent. Coworkers, clients, baristas who recognize you as you bring in a gallon-sized travel mug for your daily caffeine dose — you’re always around people. It would be dishonest to say that it always goes smoothly, but the relationships and interactions are a huge part of the overall experience, and allow you to connect with people in a way you don’t get to in many other careers.

    2. No two days are ever the same

    If the drudgery of five days a week at the same office, with the same snack machine, and the same coworkers telling the same lame jokes kills your spirits, then the novelty of working in real estate will be the wind in your sails. No two days will ever be the same in the business, which means every day you’ll embark on a new adventure that could lead to a closed deal, or a trip to the park to meditate and clear your head. If you like variety, you will fall in love.

    3.The thrill of the chase

    While we may convince ourselves that we hate prospecting or showing up to appointments that go nowhere, it’s those very things that make us appreciate our successes that much more. The pursuit, the hopes and dreams of success, the sweat you have to put in to make things happen — all of these are the ingredients for a successful real estate career, and we appreciate the work more than we are willing to admit.

    4. Just me and the open road

    While real estate requires working with lots of different people in different capacities, it also has its share of solitude, and is, at its core, an independent profession. Nothing will happen unless you make it happen yourself, so if you’re an independent-minded person who enjoys being out on your own, not only will you be successful but you’ll also fall in love with the feeling of getting in your car and creating your own destiny.

    5. The highs are amazing

    While the lows are painful, the highest are exhilarating. If you’ve never experienced the joy of a signed contract, or a clear to close, then you have no clue just how energized and happy a signature or a few words can make you feel. Any doubts about the profession can be immediately wiped out, and you can fall in love with real estate all over again after you get to celebrate one of your triumphs.

    6. Because I care

    They say that if you do something you love, then you’ll never work another day in your life. Well that’s not exactly true, you’ll still have to work, but it will feel different. In real estate, even though you’re helping other people buy and sell houses, it still feels like something that’s yours. And because it’s yours, you will care. And because you care, you will appreciate it in a way that’s different than almost any other job you could possibly have, which is all the more reason to fall in love with it.
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  • Last 5 Sold Listings

    Here is a list of properties that I have sold.

    12 Cleveland Place, LOCKPORT, NY Single Family sold.
    Single Family
    5 Bd / 1/1 Ba
    2093 sqft,  2 Stories
    Listing #: B1088043
    Represented: Seller
    258 Lake Street, Wilson, NY Single Family sold.
    Single Family
    5 Bd / 2/0 Ba
    3396 sqft,  2 Stories
    Listing #: B1060440
    Sold: 3/21/2018
    Represented: Seller
    11 Cleveland Place, LOCKPORT, NY Single Family sold.
    Single Family
    3 Bd / 1/1 Ba
    1286 sqft,  2 Stories
    Listing #: B1074948
    Sold: 2/28/2018
    Represented: Seller
    2860 Main Street, Newfane, NY Single Family sold.
    Single Family
    2 Bd / 1/0 Ba
    792 sqft,  1 Stories
    Listing #: B1048197
    Sold: 9/29/2017
    Represented: Seller
    1794 Sweeney Street, North Tonawanda, NY Single Family sold.
    Single Family
    3 Bd / 2/0 Ba
    1899 sqft,  1 Stories
    Listing #: B1048814
    Sold: 7/24/2017
    Represented: Seller
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    Lisa Aguilar

    Licenses and Certifications

    Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with HUNT Real Estate ERA

    NYS Notary Public


    National Association of Realtors

    New York State Association of Realtors

    Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors


    M.S. Education, Niagara University

    B.A Psychology, University of Buffalo

    B.S Criminal Justice, Hilbert College

    Cusack School for Real Estate Professional Development


    Life-long resident of the WNY area. Currently residing with my wonderful family in Lockport, NY.

    Outside of my professional life I enjoy time with my family taking part in all our area has to offer. Actively involved with the Lockport Soccer Club and Kenan Soccer League. Devoted to raising awareness and support for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to further research and treatment options for children with blood cancers. My family walks in the annual Light the Night Walk as “Team Alexandra’s Angels” in honor of my daughter, a Leukemia Survivor!  

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